Why Businesses Are Moving To Led Lighting

Why Businesses Are Moving to LED Lighting



Wh?t ?? LED lighting?

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) ?r? ? digital light source. LEDs started life ?? light indicators ?n electrical components manufactured b? Hewlett Packard. Th? light ?? ? result ?f electrons releasing energy ?n th? form ?f photons b?tt?r kn?wn ?? electroluminescence.

Their energy efficiency, l?w maintenance, robustness ?nd long life m??n th?t th?? ?r? n?w ? bright alternative t? th? energy-hungry ?nd delicate analogue light sources w? ?ll grew u? with.

Originally th??r cost limited th??r u?? ?? ?n everyday light source. H?w?v?r ever-increasing energy prices combined w?th improved manufacturing process h?? m?d? th?m ? viable alternative t? Mr Edison\\’s invention.

Today th?? ?r? u??d ?n televisions, traffic lights, car headlights, torches ?nd signs ??r??? th? world.

Why ?h?uld I b? u??ng LED lighting?

LEDs u?? l??? energy. Th? f?r?t ?nd foremost reason f?r u??ng LEDs ?? th?t th?? ??n consume u? t? 85% l??? energy th?n traditional lighting. L??? energy consumed ?? good f?r th? environment but ?t ?? ?l?? good f?r business too. L??? power usage equals m?r? money saved.

LEDs l??t longer. Th? average age f?r ? LED light ?? 10 years. Ev?n th?n th?? w?ll ?nl? n??d replacing ?? th??r light fades. Ov?r ? long period ?f time th??r light output gradually dims. Th?? ??n l??t longer too; ?t depends u??n th? application.

LEDs ?r? mu?h safer – LEDs u?? l?w voltage (12-24) volts ?nd ?r? l??? ?f ? fire risk th?n light bulbs ?nd ??rt??ul?rl? neon lighting. LEDs emit n? UV ?nd v?r? l?ttl? heat ?? th?? ??n b? u??d ?n areas wh?r? t?? mu?h heat ?? dangerous.

LEDs ?r? easier t? maintain. LEDs ??n b? left ?l?n? ?nd ? quick wipe ?v?r ?n?? ?n ? wh?l? ?? ?ll th?? need.


LEDs ?r? solid state. Th?r? ?? n? filament ?r glass t? break ?nd th?? ?r? robust ?v?n ?n wet conditions. Th?? ??n ?v?n b? u??d underwater ?n ??m? circumstances.

LEDs ?r? easier t? dispose of. Alth?ugh th?r? ?? n? real w?? t? recycle th?m ?t th? moment th?? ?r? tiny ?nd th?r?f?r? easier ?nd l??? damaging t? th? environment th?n disposing glass bulbs ?nd gas-filled tubing.

LEDs ?r? much, mu?h smaller. Th?? ??n th?r?f?r? b? u??d ?n mu?h m?r? creative ways th?n traditional lighting. F?r ?x?m?l? lightboxes ??n b? slimmer, LEDs ??n b? ?v?n b? embedded ?nt? acrylic panels f?r ??rt??n applications.

I\\’ve heard ?t ?? m?r? expensive?

Initially LEDs ??n b? m?r? expensive th?n traditional light bulbs ?nd fluorescent tubes but th??r benefits m?r? th?n redress this. Businesses face energy audits ?nd ? commitment t? reduce th??r carbon emissions, n?v?r mind th? n??d t? cut costs. LEDs ?r? part ?f th? answer t? th??? issues.

What d? I d? w?th m? existing lighting?

Many businesses b?l??v? th?t t? upgrade th??r existing lighting, f?r ?x?m?l? fluorescent tubes ?n ceiling strip lighting ?nd signage, w?ll b? hugely disruptive ?nd expensive. W? call ?t retrofitting. Th?r? ?? ? range retrofitting LED products th?t ??n u?? existing analogue light fittings. Y?u g?t th? benefit ?f l??? power consumption, l?w maintenance ?nd long life but ??u don\\’t h?v? t? invest ?n n?w light fittings. Changing t? LEDs ?? ?? easy ?? changing ? bulb.

What ?r? th? products ?ut there?

LEDs ?r? m?d? ?n ? variety ?f colours ?nd shades. Simple electronics ??n control th? brightness ?nd duration ?f ???h LED ?? th? effect ??u ??n g?t w?th ?n LED product ?r? extremely varied. Th? market ?? broadening rapidly.

Simple LED modules Individual modules ?r? u?u?ll? produced ?n banks ?f 4 LEDs but th?? ?l?? ??m? ?n ? variety ?f d?ff?r?nt shapes ?nd sizes ?nd u?u?ll? run ?ff ? simple 12v transformer. Th?? ??n b? installed w?th?ut th? n??d f?r ?n electrician.

LED grids

LEDs ??n b? bought ready fixed ?nt? ? sheet ?f plastic ?r run ?l?ng th? edge ?f ? piece ?f acrylic wh??h ??n th?n b? cut t? suit th? ??rt??ul?r application. Th? tight formation ?f th??? LEDs means th?t ? v?r? ?v?n area ?f light ??n b? achieved.

Slimline LED lightboxes

When fluorescent tubes ?r? ?l???d t?? close t? th? front ?f ? lightbox ??u ?ft?n ??? ? striping effect. Fluorescent tubes ?r? ?l?? short lived. If ?n? g??? ??u face ?n expensive call ?ut f?r ? replacement. LEDs ?ll?w f?r ? thinner lightbox ?nd ? m?r? ?v?n light source f?r ??ur graphics. Long life ?nd l?w maintenance means th?t site visits ?r? mu?h l??? frequently required. Ju?t ?n occasional wipe-over ?h?uld d? it!

Retrofitting non-LED products

There ?r? n?w retrofitting products th?t simply fit ?nt? current fluorescent ?nd light bulb fittings. Th?? ?? ? short t? medium term fix wh?n ??u h?v? ? large amount ?f traditional lighting, l?k? strip lighting, ?nd don\\’t h?v? th? budget t? change th? fittings. Y?u w?ll instantly benefit fr?m th? energy savings ???????t?d w?th LED lighting. Th? m??t common products ?r? fluorescent tubing replacement units ?nd halogen replacement spot lights.

Neon replacement LED tubing

Neon ?? ?n eye-catching w?? t? advertise ??ur business. It ?? ?l?? v?r? expensive t? produce, takes high levels ?f energy t? run ?nd ?? bad f?r th? environment too. N?w ??u ??n simulate ? neon effect w?th ? range ?f neon tubing replacements. LED tubing ??n b? cut ?nd bent ?nt? ?n? shape, mu?h l?k? traditional neon. But, b???u?? ?t runs cold ?nd u??? l?w voltage, ??n b? installed b? ?n??n? – ??u don\\’t n??d ? qualified electrician t? connect t? th? mains.

Low energy LED products LEDs ?r? l?w voltage ?nd th?? g?v?? u? ?n opportunity t? u?? solar power cells ?nd wind turbines f?r th? f?r?t time. It ?? n?w ?????bl? t? h?v? ?n illuminated sign th?t runs ?ff ?t? ?wn power.

Which products ?h?uld I use?

The LED market is, l?k? ?ll markets, filled w?th good products ?nd bad products. LED lights ?r? m?d? ?n ? single sheet called ? wafer, mu?h l?k? computer chips. A? m?n? ?? 6000 LEDs ??n ??m? fr?m ?u?t ?n? wafer. Th?r? ?r? imperfections ??r??? th? surface ?f ???h wafer ?? individual LEDs ?r? graded ?n?? th?? ?r? pressed out. Quality control differs fr?m manufacturer t? manufacturer ?? ?t ?? important t? m?k? ?ur? ??u select ? trusted supplier. Th?r? ?? ? level ?f quality w?th LEDs ranging fr?m th? whitest, brightest lights thr?ugh t? th? l?w cost mass produced LEDs th?t won\\’t l??t ?? long ?r give ??u th? ??m? quality ?f light.

There ?? l?ttl? point investing ?n th? cheapest ?????bl? LED lighting wh?n th? bulbs ?r? g??ng t? h?v? ? short life-span. Th? electronics powering th? LEDs ?r? ?l?? important factors ?n th? results ??u g?t fr?m ??ur LED lighting. Octink h?? invested considerable time ?nd money ?nt? researching ?nd partnering w?th th? b??t LED suppliers ?n th? UK ?nd Europe. W? understand th? technology ?nd ?r? knowledgeable ?b?ut ?ll th? products suitable f?r ?ur customers.

A range ?f LED lighting products fr?m Octink Y?u ??n find m?r? information ?b?ut LED lighting ?n Octink\\’s website.

William Tyler ?? th? CEO ?f Octink, ?n award-winning display specialist. Octink ?? based ?n Brentford, London ?n th? UK ?nd ?r?v?d?? marketing environments, event branding ?nd sign services fr?m design ?nd production, thr?ugh t? installation ?nd project management.

Octink offers ?t? customers ? range ?f LED lighting specifically designed f?r th? display, signage ?nd architectural markets. Octink encourages th? u?? ?f LEDs ?v?r neon, fluorescent ?nd bulbs wh?r?v?r possible. Find ?ut m?r? at

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