Wallpaper Trends For The Stylish And Chic

By Michiel Van Kets

Trends in home designs come and go, and wallpaper is no different. Wallpaper has ridden the waves of popularity over the years and recently there has been a rising interest with an offering of new, rich designs and interesting textures. Whether you just want to make your new home unique, or are preparing your house to put on the market, deciding to wallpaper the interior can provide great visual interest to potential buyer and visitors.

You may not be impressed at the thought of covering your walls once again with wallpaper, especially if you think back to some of the designs that were produced back in the 60 and 70s. Although some of the new designs have a distinctly retro feel there are plenty of other choices, anything from Victorian to geometrical, vinyls to fabrics, and small repeats to entire murals. As with all decorating elements there is something to fit in with all kinds of taste and budget range.

When setting out to wallpaper your home, consider what style of design would look best in the room to be decorated. Has the house itself, or the room alone, have its own style, and how about the furniture and dcor? If your furniture is modern you may not want to invest in a traditional floral paper design, or if the room has a lot of visuals to catch the eye already, then you may want to try papering only one focal wall to keep it from looking too cluttered.


For those who prefer a monochromatic look, consider a paintable wall covering. The texture in the paper does wonders to cover damaged walls and bumps that would normally show through a flat paper and you can paint it to match your decor. Patterns in paintable wall coverings range from Victorian to stucco to modern geometrics, giving you a wide variety of effects to choose from.

Hanging wallpaper to fit an oddly shaped space can be a hassle, if this is the case, there are some interesting products available in pre-cut modular paper that you tile on your walls, mixing and matching colours as you please. Or tearable papers in stone and marble textures, these can also be used to cover panelling and counter tops. This can also work if you just want something a little more unusual for a great effect.

If you have a little extra money to invest into your wall covering project, consider the possibilities of some of the more unusual options. Some designer wall coverings are being produced in a wild array of materials and textures like fake fur, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bead#Dichroic_glass_beadsglass : beaded paper, woven fibre, stitched paper, and others. Imagine the reaction you will get from visitors to your house as they view wallpaper that is really remarkable.

Always take into account that before you start to paint or paper your walls it is essential to make sure that you clean and prep them as appropriate to get the best results. If you’re unsure about wallpapering or are investing in an expensive designer paper, then perhaps you should consider hiring a professional to hang the wallpaper for you.

Applying wallpaper as a feature in your home can really transform the room and give it a unique, stylish appearance. If you want to hang the paper yourself then it is quite easy to lean how to hang it correctly, however if you dont pay attention to the guidelines provided with the paper then it could all go wrong. Badly hung wallpaper is obvious and you need to have patience and persistence to get it to look as it should. This is particularly important when you are hanging wallpaper with design and patterns as any tiny mismatch then becomes obvious, and you would have to remove it and start all over again.

There is plenty of professional help out there if you are not confident to hang the paper yourself. Check online for advice and information, also all the http://www.designbible.com.au/ : latest designs can be found online and youll be amazed at the amount of choice there is available.

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