Two Ways To Boost Your Mobile App Sales

Two Ways To Boost Your Mobile App Sales


Susan S Smith

There are many things you can try to boost the sales of your mobile app. Some work better than others, while others simply do not work at all, or can conversely turn out to pay big dividends. While there undoubtedly will be a bit of trial and error when selling your mobile app, there are a few techniques that you can, and perhaps should, fall back on when looking to boost your app\’s sales. To help you do so, here are two such methods.

Get Good Press

Positive reviews and press are a vital part of getting the word out about your app. If users and critics both have positive things to say about your app, and do so when speaking to a large audience, it can add an incredible boost to your sales. The more people that know about your app, and subsequently hear good things about it, the more will likely download it. As you know, downloads lead to revenue, and increased revenue hopefully leads to profits for your company. Whether it is on an online review site, or a print publication, good press is essential, and you should do everything in your power to find such positive publicity.


The challenge in getting good press for your app is negating any and all bad press that it receives. In doing so, the best way to override such negativity is to immediately seek out a positive review or feature in a publication. While you may want to consider hiring a publicist or PR expert to navigate your app s publicity, there is also the option to do it on your own. It may be more difficult to handle your app s public relations on your own, but through social media and developing contacts within the media it is possible to effectively achieve good press for your app.

Get Featured Placement

Whether you place your app on all the mobile marketplaces, or only one, you want to aim for prime placement everywhere it is sold. The more visible your app is to potential customers, the more likely it is to sell and sell in high numbers. Most app stores typically feature mobile offerings that have had success in the paid or free category, or that are new and noteworthy. If your app does not fit into one of these categories, then you should make sure it does in order to be featured on the main page of at lest one mobile marketplace. For apps just starting out, the best chance of getting featured is typically under the New Releases or Noteworthy sections. If you make your case to the editors of a mobile marketplace, and your app is appealing in one of the aforementioned categories, then it should have a good shot at getting featured.


If you are not a salesperson and have very little experiencing in the field, then you are likely to struggle in relation to selling your app. There are obvious things that you can do to improve yours app s sales performance in the market, like hiring a sales manager and team that will optimize its success in the market. If on your own, however, it may be a bit more difficult, but you can still be successful in selling your mobile app through simple actions such as achieving prime placement on various mobile marketplaces and maximizing its positive press coverage and reviews.

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