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The tire pressure gauge is an apparatus which measures the pressure of tires in a vehicle and helps to maintain the tire pressure of the vehicle. Climatic and weather conditions can alter the pressure up to 15% due to variations in temperature and altitude. Car owner manuals normally do not specify rated pressure as a function of temperature or altitude and it is the users prerogative to make appropriate measurements. But you are sure to be advised on what tire pressure is to be maintained for your vehicle. Regular maintenance of tire pressure of your car will improve your cars efficiency.

The importance of maintaining the optimal pressure cannot be over emphasized. This is where the efficiency of a pressure gauge comes into play. The accuracy of a mechanical gauge is plus or minus 3 psi. There are gauges with higher accuracy of + or 1 psi. If you are stickler for accuracy the most accurate pressure gauges should be what you ought to be looking for. There are many types of gauges available to make your choice right from the traditional to the most advanced digital ones. These pressure gauges also come from many different manufacturers giving you more options to choose from.

A tire pressure gauge comprises of a valve matching to a tire valve which facilitates the tires inner air to be forced through a measuring device that measures and records the total amount of air pressure inside the tire. Whereas the valve type remains constant in type from gauge to gauge, the measuring instrument can vary. Some gauges are the pencil type, while there are digital types which relay the pressure via a digital reading. But inevitably what these pressure gauges provide are a fair idea of what the pressure in a tire is.

In the United States Of America, there is a statutory requirement that all vehicles below ten thousand pounds in weight should have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed in the vehicle. Most of the modern car manufacturers now have incorporated built in tire pressure sensors which simultaneously read the tire pressure from within the car. Even the latest generation BMW motorcycles have been fitted with the tire pressure monitoring system. Even so there are many types of vehicles which do not have inbuilt tire sensing facility so all these vehicles still have to depend on tire gauges to monitor the tire pressure of the vehicle.

Maintaining the right pressure helps in improved mileage, longer life of the tires and detection of leaks. Thus there is a lot of importance attached to a small device such as a tire pressure gauge since maintaining optimal pressure in vehicles assumes much significance in respect of the safety of vehicles. The best tire pressure gauge will help you maintain even pressure in each tire which is not possible with average pressure gauge. The uneven wearing of tire is mainly due to improper maintenance of its pressure. Even and proper management of pressure in the tire can be done only with good quality tire pressure gauges.

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