The Troubles Of Hair Loss

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Losing hair can be an upsetting experience for any individual. It many cases hair loss is simply unavoidable and is certainly an excepted fact of life that most individuals have to deal with. This does not exclude women either as they are nearly just as susceptible to hair loss as men. The many causes of hair loss are quite varied, ranging from loss due to hormonal problems to hair loss attributed to certain diseases, like lupus or diabetes, to that which is associated with common male-pattern baldness. Improper hair care can also lead to hair loss, specifically the constant restraining and pulling of the hair resulting from styling the hair in pigtails or cornrows. However, the predominant type of hair loss is associated with male-pattern baldness and the lesser known female-pattern baldness.

Male-pattern baldness is usually a precipitate of heredity. The inheritance of this trait causes many men to begin losing their hair at an early age with a receding hairline forming and developing into baldness on top of the head with its progression. Somewhat similar to this, female-pattern baldness results in the thinning of hair over the entirety of the scalp. Fortunately for individuals suffering from this common baldness there are medications, which can be applied to the scalp to slow or stop the rate of hair loss. Some products may even help to regenerate cells and cause the hair to grow again.


For those individuals who have seemingly tried all brands of hair regeneration medications, there are other solutions. A low risk alternative to using medications to help with hair loss is hair transplantation. During a hair transplant, hair follicles from parts of the body are, as is suggested, relocated to the bald areas of the scalp. Following this procedure the individual will be left with a natural looking hairline.

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