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Can Stress Lead To Development Of Heart Attack Or Heart Disease?

People with heart disease do complain of chest pains during emotional peaks. And it is not uncommon for heart attacks to occur during emotionally difficult times. Many people with underlying atherosclerosis exhibit stress-related heart symptoms. The topic whether stress can cause the development of heart disease is not very clear, because stress and peoples reaction to it are hard to study and measure. Some doctors believe that stress plays a major role in the development of heart disease and heart attacks. One recent study has traced that men who considered themselves highly anxious were three to four times more likely to have a sudden fatal heart attack than men who rated themselves low in anxiety.

Does Stress Raise Cholesterol Levels?

Some doctors claim that stress does not raise cholesterol levels. But a recent study found just the opposite true. It was found that within twenty minutes of starting a frustrating mental task, people had an increase of upto 5mg/dL in total cholesterol with a slightly low rise in LDL, triglyceride and HDL cholesterol.

Stress can affect the heart in other ways also. During stress bio-chemicals is released by the body which trigger processes that can harm the artery walls. They can also make blood thicker and more prone to clotting. Stress speeds up heartbeat, raises blood sugar levels and blood pressure, contributes to heartbeat irregularities and causes constriction of blood vessels. The arteries are narrowed when there are coronary spasms and thereby there is a reduction in the flow of blood to the heart. Anger a form of mental stress has been reported to trigger angina, heart attack and even sudden death.

Foods Increase and Raise Cholesterol Levels In Humans


Beef, variety meats, brain, cooked, simmered

Lamb, variety meats, brain, raw

Chicken, liver, all classes, cooked, simmered

Sponge cake

Other Causes Which Lead To Increase Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are due to a variety of reasons which includes genetics, diet of person, and lifestyle of person. Less commonly thyroid or kidney related diseases which may affect blood cholesterol levels.

Heredity – Genes of people are also responsible to influence how the body metabolizes LDL (bad Cholesterol)

Weight – obesity is one of the primary causes of high cholesterol levels in body.

Age and sex- Females generally have lower cholesterol levels (total) than men of the same age.

Alcohol Intake – Moderate alcohol intake (1-2 drinks daily) increases good cholesterol but does not lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Mental stress – Mental stress is also responsible for increased levels of Cholesterol in body.

What Should Be Done If One Is Under Stress Or Tends To Overreact To Things?

People under stress and tending to overreact to situations should start taking good care of themselves. Avoid eating fatty foods, quit smoking and moderate their alcohol consumption. Reduce stress by exercising regularly. It uses bio-chemicals that are produced during a stressful episode. Some good ways to diffuse stress are through: social activities, learned relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, talking it out with a friend or therapist, spiritual pursuits or just having fun.

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