Police capture escaped monkey in Wisconsin, USA

Thursday, August 9, 2007Police apprehended a 18 inch tall monkey that is reported to have bitten a 20 year-old woman outside State Street Brats, a Madison, Wisconsin nightclub.

The long-tailed, black and white monkey, which was wearing a diaper, was leashed in a beer garden outside the nightclub on State Street when people began to pet the animal. When the woman approached the monkey around 1:00 a.m. CDT (UTC-5) on Wednesday morning and put her hand out to pet it, it bit her then escaped the garden and led police on a seven hour ‘monkey hunt’ before it was caught.

The woman was left with four puncture wounds to her thumb. Doctors are said to be testing blood samples from the monkey to check for diseases.

“This guy was in the beer garden at State Street Brats letting women pet his monkey,” said a spokesman for the Madison police Department, Joel DeSpain.

Police say the monkey will remain in quarantine for at least ten days.

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