Ordering Slate Roofing Through Local Roofers In Long Island, Ny


Homeowners who wish to acquire premium roofing materials should consider slate. This option provides homeowners with a long-lasting material that isn’t subject to the same hindrances as asphalt. While asphalt is the most economical option, it could present homeowners with greater maintenance costs than slate. local roofers in Long Island NY offer slate roofing as an alternative to asphalt.

The Longevity of Slate Roofing

According to statistics, slate roofing could last throughout the homeowner’s lifetime. With that said, adequate maintenance and inspections are necessary to maintain the integrity of the material. Since it is a natural substance, it is considered a stronger material than most roofing materials. For this reason, the homeowner could expect a lifespan of up to a century.

Preventing Additional Property Damage

Slate roofing is the most fire resistant material available. The tiles will stop blazing fires from causing damage to the roof. It will maintain its structure regardless of the temperatures inside the property. The fire won’t damage the tiles at all.

Renewable Resources for Roofing

Slate tile is recyclable. It is a naturally-occurring material that won’t hinder the environment. If the homeowner chooses to replace the roofing, the Local Roofers in Long Island NY could reuse the materials without issues. The material won’t end up in a landfill or increase waste products in these areas.

What Homeowners Should Know

First, slate roofing isn’t the right choice for all properties. The home should have existing bracing that will support the tiles. Since they are excessively heavy, they could damage the property if they aren’t installed correctly. The tiles weigh in excessive of 1,500 lbs per 100 square feet. Homeowners who aren’t sure if they have the correct bracing or framing should order an inspection first before they purchase the roofing material.

Slate roofing is an aesthetically pleasing concept that could increase the property value. However, homeowners who want to install a slate roof should weigh the pros and cons to determine if it is right for them. They should also acquire a free estimate for the installation to determine if it fits within their current budget. To learn more about slate roofing, contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp now.