Men’s Designer Clothing Industry Booming 5 Top Sites

By Ian Grainger

A quick look at the shops on the high street or a Google search for ‘designer clothes for men’ clearly shows that the men’s designer clothing industry is truly booming. Once the domain of women, designer clothing is now also a male phenomenon, with hundreds of designers and thousands of stores all vying for the attention of the fashion conscious man.

Obviously opening a shop on the high street to sell the wide range of designer brand names now available is a costly venture and beyond most individuals, but selling online is a remarkably cheap way of becoming a clothing retailer, especially if you want to sell designer clothes for men.

Let’s look at the top sites currently catering for this booming industry.

This website is one of the best known for men’s designer clothing and features huge images of their ranges on its category pages. They stock clothing from some of the leading brands, including Diesel, Fred Perry ad Paul Smith, as well as their own branded range.


A well designed site that uses images and descriptions of carefully selected products from some of the top designers in the male fashion world. Levi’s, Superdry, Jack & Jones are listed alongside many others and all are very competitively priced.

One of the most successful sites selling men’s designer clothing, Mainline combine a very simple site design with good images. Their list of different brands is extensive and impressive, as they stock clothing from everyone from Adidas through Nanny State to Victorinox.

Brown Bag Clothing have one of the most beautifully designed sites around and sell a range of men’s clothing and accessories. There list of brands is almost as extensive as that offered by Mainline but Brown Bag also have a small section for women too, and a Gifts section that can be a real help.

Tessuti are a well established online retailer, selling much the same as similar sites in terms of brands but also some of the more ‘top of the range’ designer gear, including Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen designed Puma footwear.

In a booming but saturated market it takes a lot to stand out and these five companies do just that with their online presences. Each of them goes about things slightly differently, but each of them makes you feel like the clothing you are buying is high quality, high fashion and highly desirable. Which is exactly how you want to feel when you are buying designer clothing and that’s why these are some of the most successful sites on the internet in the designer clothes for men market.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other men’s designer clothing retail sites out there doing much the same as the five we have looked at here, all of them selling some or all of the designer gear mentioned in this article. And all of them at varying prices, so it’s worth shopping around a bit before you order your next designer clothing for men.

Happy shopping!

About the Author: Ian Grainger is writing on behalf of Room 14 Menswear, online retailers of designer clothes for men.


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