How Microgreens And Edible Flowers Can Contribute To A Healthy Diet

How Microgreens and Edible Flowers Can Contribute to a Healthy Diet


David Sasuga

Cooking healthy doesn t have to mean that you sacrifice flavor and fun in your meals. In fact, incorporating microgreens and edible flowers into your menu allows you to keep your dishes healthy, flavorful and vibrant.

The recent buzz regarding microgreens and edible flowers has spurred much debate regarding their health benefits. While some microgreen farmers have claimed that microgreens pack more flavor and nutrition into every bite, the specific health benefits of microgreens are still unknown. However, what is known is that microgreens make a nutritious substitute for a variety of garnishes and toppings in fine cuisine.


Imagine being able to include Micro Mint Lime or Micro Tangerine Lace as a zesty and visually appealing garnish at your restaurant. Not only will the selected microgreens make the dish stand out visually, the garnishes provide unique flavors and aromas, further enhancing the appeal of the dish. These garnishes are less likely to be tossed aside or scraped off of the dish, making them a unique complement to your menu s popular dishes.

As an executive chef, you understand the necessity of keeping your menu up to date and interesting. Incorporating microgreens into a variety of dishes allows you to keep your menu healthy without sacrificing quality. No matter how health conscious a diner is, you can never have too many greens in a diet, and incorporating microgreens into your restaurant s dishes allows you to provide another source of healthy greens. Dishes that don t feature vegetables or greens can be vibrantly enhanced with the addition of microgreens. Pastas, soups, and even desserts can incorporate the unique flavors and textures of fresh microgreens

Experimenting with various microgreens and edible flowers on some of your dishes is a great way to increase their appeal. If you notice orders for a particular dish or side decreasing over the months, consider incorporating microgreens to improve flavor and beautiful add a garden fresh element. With a bit of creative experimentation, microgreens can add a eye catching and flavorful addition just about any high end dish.

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