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It is an investment paradigm and is a derivation from the ideas on investment and speculation, of some great personalities. Ben Graham & David Dodd began teaching at Columbia Business Scholl in 1928 and subsequently developed in their 1934 text Security Analysis. Other one is

Howel Thomas; Hong Kong

is the Chief Executive Officer of Wykeham Capital Limited, which is the Investment Manager of the Wykeham Capital Asia Value Fund.


The Fund invests primarily in established, large-capitalization companies with strong franchises and favorable valuations that are capable of generating superior returns across a range of potential market scenarios.

These funds like to invest in companies that the market has overlooked. Managers like Marty Whitman of Third Avenue Value search for stocks that have become \\”undervalued\\” — or priced low relative to their earnings potential.

Sometimes a stock has run into a short-term problem that will eventually be fixed and forgotten. Or maybe the company is too small or obscure to attract much notice. In any event, the manager makes a judgment that there\\’s more potential there than the market has recognized. His bet is that the price will rise as others come around to the same conclusion.


The big risk with value funds is that the \\”undiscovered gems\\” they try to spot sometimes remain undiscovered. That can depress results for extended periods of time. Volatility, however, is quite low, and if you choose a good fund, the risk of doggy returns should be minimal. Also, because these fund managers tend to buy stocks and hold them until they turn around, expenses and turnover are low. Add it up, and value funds are most suitable for more conservative, tax-averse investors.

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In 2009 Howel formed a private pool of capital from friends and family to invest in deeply undervalued equities in the Asia-Pacific region. In October 2010 these investments were restructured into an open-ended Cayman Islands registered Fund, which was launched as the Wykeham Capital Asia Value Fund.


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