Heat Packs As An Easy Way Of Cutting Down Muscular Pain

Submitted by: Keith Chandler

When attempting to decrease muscle discomfort as a result of such things as rheumatoid arthritis, medical doctors will almost always recommend making use of either warmth, cold or in some instances both. The main element to decreasing discomfort in the joints and muscles is to discovering the balance in between hot and cold. One solution that can be utilized for a regimen of hot and cold is the wheat bag. Wheat bags in many cases are recommended due to the fact that they can be thrown in the microwave oven to be warmed up or they can be inserted in the refrigerator for cooling. When warmed up, the heat pad type bag will actually take the shape of your body. Individuals who have been encouraged to utilize this type of bag to decrease discomfort often question the way it works and what restorative healing capabilities it possesses.

The effectiveness of wheat bags as a discomfort reducer is determined by the type of discomfort you are attempting to decrease. The wheat bag functions like a bean bag that distributes warmth uniformly on the region of the body that is resulting in the discomfort. These wheat bags hold warmth in for a longer time than conventional heating pads. This is due to the fact that they do not contain liquid like other hot and cold packs. This also indicates that a wheat bag will last quite a long time as well in comparison with heating pads.


The warmth from the wheat warmer or bag assists in dilating the blood vessels contained in the muscular tissues. Increased blood circulation happens consequently, in addition to increased oxygen flow assisting to decrease discomfort and treat the weakened region. The utilization of wheat bags is great for individuals who do not wish to utilize drug treatments to decrease discomfort. This will enable the individual to maneuver around more freely while not having to worry about a great deal of discomfort. Warmth can be utilized as frequently or as little as necessary to decrease discomfort.

There are a number of different wheat bags available on the market which makes it difficult to know which one to purchase. The majority of bags are available in a rectangular shape in order that it can easily be wrapped around the region of the body. The wheat bags that you purchase usually depends on which portion of the body you will be utilizing them on. As an example, if utilizing the bags for the neck or shoulders, you’ll want to purchase one that has sections stitched into the bag. This will prevent the wheat grains from slipping towards the edges of the bag when wrapped around.

There are some wheat bags that come with straps so that they can be strapped around the body to help keep them in position. This an excellent option for an individual who would like to utilize the heating bag while they are moving around the house. This is the type of bag that provides you with more flexibility. There are some bags that are available in many different measurements however almost each one is rectangle-shaped, these are perfect for standard utilize and not for a particular region of the body.

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