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I want my ex girlfriend back!

I know you want your ex girlfriend back, do you know how to get your ex girlfriend back? Those two can be entirely different things sometimes, because what seems intuitive to you might not be what will get her back. In fact what will work in getting your ex back is counter-intuitive a lot of the times. So don t get stuck on what you think might work, read on and find out what actually does work.

I see this often form men trying to get their ex girlfriend back. And I did the same mistake when I was trying to get my ex back, so in order for you to save some time getting your ex girlfriend back, keep on reading and please get in touch if you have questions.

A lot of us find our selves wondering How do I get my ex girlfriend back? right after a break up has occurred. And that’s only natural since now we’re so focused on our past relationship and ex girlfriend that we can’t even think about anything else, but you don’t wanna get too caught up into analyzing everything that could have been done differently.


You can’t change what you did wrong THEN, you can change what you do NOW.

Not only that but you may not even know the real reasons for the break up. I’m not picking on women here, but they are emotional and they themselves are sometimes not sure why they broke it off. They don’t know the reason they just know how they feel.

And why is this important? Because the first step in order to get your ex girlfriend back is to make her FEEL something for you again. And no, you can’t rationally convince her of that. You need to make her feel it again.

Do you know that saying: Your actions are speaking so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying , well it super important when you’re trying to get your ex back.

So to give you some concrete advice here, you first need to disappear form her radar for a while. I know it sounds scary and you fear she’ll find some other guy immediately, but in order to get your ex back you need to give her some space. If she’ll find another guy, there’s nothing you can do about it.

What you can do is make her miss you. Why? Because that is an emotion and that’s what’s gonna get your ex back to you. You’re making her feel something for you again.

And you’re not only disappearing for her, but you’re taking you time and rebuilding your self. You’ll never get your ex back for good if the two of you keep repeating the same mistakes. Take a month for your self. Get a hobby, meet new people, learn a new language, take a yoga class, invest in your self.

It will allow you to make gradual changes in your life AND attract your ex girlfriend back to you.

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