Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions For Everyday

By Adriana J Noton

At some point, everyone needs packaging solutions for shipping something to a friend or relative in another city or state. Shipping outlets are particularly busy during the holiday seasons which typically begin sometime in early November or late October. There are many different styles and types of shipping containers and the packaging materials a shipping company could provide to their customers in order to make sure their items arrive safely and securely to their destination.

What many of the consumers are concerned about, besides their items getting to there destination undamaged and on time, is that the company they choose to ship them is eco-friendly. Many packaging companies are cutting down on the amount of paper, wrapping and covering they use to insure that the items are safe. This doesn’t mean that a consumers item are any less safe, they are simply packaged tighter and smaller in order to save on excess shipping materials.

One of the things a shipping company is doing to help the environment is to stay away from is the Styrofoam packaging peanuts. These are non-biodegradable which means they will last in a landfill if not recycled for years and years. Recycling them is one option a shipping company has and many of them will encourage their customers to return their unwanted packing peanuts to be used again in someone else’s package.


Bubble wrap and plastics are another concern of those who want to make the earth a better place for those who come behind us. Reusing and recycling this type of plastic is one of the answers. Another is to use recycled plastic wraps to begin with. There are several major companies that manufacture plastic packaging materials that are made from plastic bottles and plastic shopping bags as well as other materials. Once someone receives a package with this type of recycled plastic wrap in it, they could then used again and again.

A packaging design is going to be smaller and more compact in order to accommodate a smaller amount of packaging material but the same size item. There is really no need for an item to be shipped in a large box with a lot of air. Air is never a good cushion for breakables. There are air-bag style packaging supplies that some shipping companies use and again, these are made of thinner plastic in order to use fewer resources and to be more recyclable.

Packaging boxes could be returned to a shipping store after someone receives a gift in order to help recycle. That box could be used several more times as long as it holds out and with the packaging tape as thick as it is, this should not be a problem. A shipping outlet will make sure that a box is securely taped on all corners and at all openings so that nothing will fall out or get caught during processing or handling.

People ship all kinds of items everyday and there are a few things that can not be shipped. These would include anything that is dangerous such as flammable liquids or sharp objects. These items pose a hazard to the carriers who handle and deliver the packages in addition to the drivers. It is imperative that a customer be honest and upfront about what they are shipping. The best way to ship anything is to leave it unwrapped and out of the box and allow the professionals at a shipping store to package it up and ready it for shipping. They will know exactly how much paper and padding an item will need in order to arrive in one piece and not over do it.

Packaging solutions for everyday needs can be found at a packaging store that specializes in using recycled materials and using less. When it comes to saving the environment, using less packaging materials and reusing what’s already out there is the best option for those who want to help out Mother Earth.

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