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The dentistry department has changed quite a lot in the last couple of decades. Previously, dentistry mostly involved teeth cleaning, gum infection treatments, tooth filling, tooth removal and treatment of tooth decay. Though the mentioned procedures are still carried out, a lot has been introduced into this field, which has led to a lot of dentists changing their titles to cosmetic dentists. Dentistry no longer entails removal of an aching tooth or cleaning teeth that are stained but rather, it is a wholesome procedure that seeks to provide a patient with better looking teeth and a perfect smile. When people refer to cosmetic dentistry, they envision a list of procedures carried out by a cosmetic dentist. Here is a list of some of the practices carried out and what each process involves.

Dental Bonding This is usually done to correct the length of ones teeth, to fix broken or chipped teeth, to reshape teeth, to bridge a gap between two teeth and to improve the appearance of discolored teeth. A cosmetic dentist usually uses a tooth colored composite resin that matches the patients teeth color to repair one of the aforementioned conditions. The resin is molded and shaped in accordance to the treatment required and then hardened using ultraviolet light or laser. The cosmetic dentist further shapes and smooths it to enhance the final appearance, to make it similar to the rest of the teeth. This procedure is simple and is commonly done by patients who want to improve their smiles.

Inlays and Onlays Made from resin or porcelain, dental inlays and onlays are performed to fix a tooth deformity or in case of tooth decay. Though some cosmetic dentists may use gold inlays and onlays depending on the patients preference, resin or porcelain is more preferred due to its similar natural appearance to the teeth. The process is comparable to a filling or crown, whereby the resin or porcelain shaped addition or proxy is inserted within the tooth (inlays) or envelops one or more teeth (onlays). The difference in this procedure, in contrast to fillings or crowns, is that it takes two dental visits to complete because the inlays and onlays have to be molded prior to being attached to the tooth/teeth. This practice is also preferred because it lasts for a longer time without affecting the usefulness of the tooth/teeth.

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Tooth reshaping or contouring This is a short simple process that requires a cosmetic dentist to remove small amounts of tooth enamel to redesign a tooth that may be chipped or too long, or a tooth that has grooves or uneven surface. This procedure only takes a short period of time to carry out, and it also reinforces ones confidence as the desired results are immediately evident. After reshaping, the cosmetic dentist smooths and polishes up the teeth to bring out an even finish. The procedure is also known as enameloplasty.

Gum lifts or gum surgery This inexpensive procedure is appropriate for patients who may have an overly exposed gum, which makes them exceedingly conscious of it whenever they smile. People who have uneven gums can also consider this kind of surgery. A cosmetic dentist will carefully remove the excess gum after numbing the area. Though no pain is experienced, a little tenderness should be expected after half hour into the procedure. This discomfort will last for a couple of days.

The mentioned procedures are only a few examples in the long list of practices that a cosmetic dentist can perform. With the ever-increasing popularity of this practice, chances of finding a cosmetic dentist in your locale are high. The Internet is a great place to locate these dentists, whereas you could also look up a cosmetic dentist through reference from family, friends, as well as consulting the dental magazines. Nonetheless, before settling on any, ensure that you do a thorough research as a lot of regular dentists are falsely labeling themselves as cosmetic dentists.

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